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An Camas Mor


ClientSpringfield Properties


1,500 homes in Rothiemurchus, within the Cairngorms National Park, the vision of a compact and distinctive new community in a woodland setting is taken forward by an approach that starts with the existing natural assets of the site and builds a design approach that concentrates on: "life, space and buildings" (in that particular order), with the aim to create a good habitat for humans.

The plan avoids sensitive habitats and utilises existing site topography and natural vegetation to inform the layout of the open space and built form.

The extreme sensitivity of setting and weight attached to landscape and biodiversity in the planning process required us to complete a thorough Landscape Masterplan, Landscape Method Statement and Recreational Management Plan.

Proposed view from Craigellachie

An Camas Mor – connection diagram

Succession and biodiversity contributed greatly to landscape design

Typical section through a proposed biotope strip

Analysis of existing vegetation