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An Camas Mòr


ClientAn Camas Mòr LLP


A new village to be developed over a 30-year period, within the Cairngorms National Park. The vision of a compact and distinctive new community in a woodland setting has been taken forward using an approach that starts with the existing natural assets of the site and builds a design that concentrates on "life, space and buildings" (in that particular order), with the aim of creating a good habitat for people. The plan includes homes, business space and the public amenities to support a thriving community.

The plan avoids sensitive habitats and utilises existing site topography and natural vegetation to inform the layout of the open space and built form.

An Camas Mòr has a beautiful setting; the weight attached to landscape and biodiversity in the planning process required us to complete a thorough Landscape Masterplan, Landscape Method Statement and Recreational Management Plan to satisfy the National Park Authority.

Proposed view from Craigellachie

An Camas Mor – connection diagram

Succession and biodiversity contributed greatly to landscape design

Typical section through a proposed biotope strip

Analysis of existing vegetation